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Airport Automotive offers top-notch auto air conditioning services that include cleaning, testing, repair, and maintenance at our professional and convenient location, which is 6305 E. Platte Ave Suite 1,2, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.

A lot of people do not realize that their car’s A/C system contains basic maintenance items just like any other system in their car. Do you get a dirty smock smell when you turn your air conditioning on for the first time? Before it gets in your car, the evaporator pulls moisture out of the air. After some time, all this moisture could lead to mold growth in your system and some very unpleasant odors. If your fan is not blowing the way it’s supposed to, your issue could be related to a dirty or clogged cabin filter. Is the air in your car not as cols s it used to? Bear in mind that even a system is sealed and functioning properly will still lose a small amount of refrigerant every year. An undercharged system could still work properly when the outside temperature is around 80 degrees, but as soon as it hits 90 or more, your system will eventually fail. If your air conditioning is not working at all, this could be as simple as a relay or fuse, or as large as a compressor. It takes a qualified and experienced auto mechanic to accurately diagnose these problems. Our team of auto mechanics at Airport Automotive has the experience and knowledge to service your auto A/C system right the first time and in a timely manner.

Airport Automotive in Colorado Springs, CO is your full-service auto repair and service center that possesses excellent diagnostic tools and equipment to tackle any repair or maintenance issue, including hybrid repair, brake repair, auto A/C repair and service, oil change, and factory recommended services.

Airport Automotive has a location in Colorado Springs for your convenience and we offer complimentary shuttle service and loaner cars for all of our customers. Our auto mechanics offer top-notch auto repairs and maintenance services for both domestic and import vehicles. Call today to schedule an appointment for your auto A/C repair, or check out our website and schedule your appointment online!

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