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by Chris Card on Blank Business Name
Chris Card

Very professional shop. Great communication and I felt the pricing was fair and didnt try to sell me on anything. Told me what car neededand advised me so I can make a good decision within my budget.

Tim R

Great Service. All repairs were completed by the promised time. If you want great service at a very reasonable price, you got to go to Airport Auto.

by Terri Panco on Blank Business Name
Terri Panco

They were very knowledgeable. They took the time to explain exactly what was wrong with my car. They were willing to break down the different items that needed to be fixed and give me multiple estimates.

by Jessica Welch on Blank Business Name
Jessica Welch

I appreciated the friendly service and thoroughness of getting my car checked in and diagnosed, however, the only thing that upset me was when I was told my car would be ready in an hour and I show up shortly pass the hour time frame, my car wasn't ready or put together and was told the tech was out to lunch. I think that should've been communicated a little bit more between the service advisor and the tech. Other than that, I will return and recommend them.

by Kevin Early on Blank Business Name
Kevin Early

Got my car in and done in one day for a major service! Car is running great, crazy noise is gone and everything was cleaned up and in great order. Matt does a fantastic job communicating what's going on and when things will be ready to go! Thank you guys for the hard work!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

Gary Rocks as usual!

by Joe Divido on Blank Business Name
Joe Divido

Good job

by Jim Macswain on Blank Business Name
Jim Macswain

Excellent service as always with Airport Automotive. We followed Dan Tabar to Airporrt Automotive and have been completely satisfied ever since.

by David Baker on Blank Business Name
David Baker

These guys are good. They've always serviced our Toyotas expertly at a fair price and delivered them back to us when promised. And we've never had to wait to get an appointment.

Joe B

Airport Automotive provides high quality trustworthy service second to none! Their talented service team has character and places the customer first. I live in the Northgate area and have been going to Airport Automotive since 1999 by-passing the dealerships because of the value they provide. Gary and his team has never disappointed me!

by Jackie on Blank Business Name

the truck would not start. I thought it was the fuel pump - and it was. The service and repair work was completed in a timely manor, and then they took the extra steps, to check the fluids, brakes, and wash it.

by Greg Frozley on Blank Business Name
Greg Frozley

I've had two Toyota trucks that have been serviced exclusively by Airport Auto. I have never had a single issue with any of the work performed, or recommendations given. The recent 90K service was performed in a timely manner at a reasonable rate. They went out of their way to accommodate my work schedule and provide me with a loaner vehicle. It doesn't get much easier than that.

by Ginny Hatton on Blank Business Name
Ginny Hatton

They were able to see vehicle the same day as call and promptly took care of immediate issue and provided an estimate of needed work.

by Shannon Rowan on Blank Business Name
Shannon Rowan

The folks at Airport Automotive were quick to get my vehicle in. They checked it out very thoroughly and took care of the problem. Their shuttle driver is very nice too.

by Lauren Johnson on Blank Business Name
Lauren Johnson

Awesome job! They even let me use their loaner!

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