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Uh oh! Does your Toyota need some work done but you don’t already have a trusted Toyota auto repair shop? Finding a good mechanic can seem like a daunting task these days.

In fact, this survey done by RepairTrust finds a full 78% of customers express concern that they are being overcharged for car repair. That’s a lot of concerned customers!

We promise that finding a reputable mechanic doesn’t have to cause headaches and sleepless nights. Instead, use these 8 simple tips to find a good, honest mechanic near you. Your stress level will thank you.

Word of Mouth

This is probably the best piece of advice we can give you. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. They all have cars, right? Where do they take them when something needs fixing? There must be someone you know that has found a great mechanic.

Reading online reviews can also be helpful. We think, though, that talking to a real person is a better idea. It feels so much more legitimate that way. Plus, firsthand experience is always the best.

Get specifics when you ask around. Why did they like the shop? Was the service good? Did the mechanic seem trustworthy? Did they offer good prices and a warranty to go with it? These are all great questions to find out if that Toyota auto repair mechanic is for you.

Certification (ASE)

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certifies auto repair shops. Find out if the Toyota auto repair shop you are considering is certified.

This should go without saying, but if they’re not certified, run the other way. There’s a reason they’re not certified. It’s usually never a good one.


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Better Business Bureau and American Automotive Association

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the American Automotive Association (AAA) are both great sources of unbiased information. Consumers can report to the BBB on their experiences with a particular auto repair shop.

The BBB compiles all this information and assigns the shop a rating. Visit their website here to see how your potential Toyota auto repair shop rates. You can also see specific information about why a customer filed a complaint and if/how the shop resolved it.

Everybody’s favorite roadside assistance company can also help out. AAA offers annual inspections of repair shops. If the shop passes (and meets AAA’s warranty and ASE certification requirements) they get added to AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Network.

Location and Overhead

This might not be a concept that comes immediately to mind when searching for a mechanic. In fact, a lot of people find that they feel more comfortable going to a mechanic with pleasant office staff and a center of town location. It feels safer and more reputable.

But, the problem is that those things come with a price tag. Guess who’s paying it? That’s right, the customers.

Toyota auto repair centers who have to pay extra office employees often charge more for labor. Makes sense, since they have bigger payroll bills.

Rent prices in the center of town are higher than in other locations. Now, convenience is still a factor. Plus you don’t want to have to go to a sketchy part of town. But in many cities even just a few blocks can mean hundreds of dollars of difference in rent bills.


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How Do They Charge?

Always ask how your prospective Toyota auto repair shop charges. Many shops charge based on published hours provided by an independent source. For example, manufacturers often publish how long it takes to make a certain repair. The shop will then make an estimate of their set hourly labor rate.

Other shops, on the other hand, will charge based on how long the mechanic works on it. That means if the mechanic slowly works on your car you could end up paying a lot extra.

This method isn’t always bad, though. If a shop works this way and you have several good references, it can be okay. It just depends on the shop’s reputation.

Get More Than One Estimate

Another great way to ensure that you are being quoted a fair estimate is to get more than one. If you get two estimates and there is a great disparity you should take a closer look at both.

But don’t just take the cheaper one. Find out why it’s cheaper. Do they cut corners? Or do they have lower overhead as we mentioned earlier? Getting a couple more estimates will be helpful in determining a fair price.

Warranties Offered

A good Toyota auto repair shop will always stand proudly behind their work. Find out what kind of warranties they offer in your repair.

Even the best mechanic in the world can make a mistake and that’s not your fault. The shop should be willing to perform any additional work that is necessary.

Trustworthy and Up Front

Last but not least. What is your general impression of your prospective Toyota auto repair shop? Does your representative seem trustworthy? Are they willing to show and thoroughly explain to you the problem?

Sometimes representatives make up excuses about why they can’t show you the problem. That should be a warning flag for you. A reputable mechanic will always be open and upfront with you. If they can’t show you the problem how do you know there really is one?

Trusted Toyota Auto Repair

We hope these 8 tips are helpful to you as you look for a trusted Toyota auto repair shop. Here at Airport Automotive, we offer transparent, trustworthy auto repair for all vehicle types, including Toyota.

Our customers are full of rave reviews about our service. That’s because we offer great service and quality repair. We’ll also get you back on the road fast. We know how important that is. Plus, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it!

Be sure to contact us for your Toyota maintenance or the next time you think you need Toyota auto repair!

"Very professional shop. Great communication and I felt the pricing was fair and didn't try to sell me on anything. Told me what car needed and advised me so I can make a good decision within my budget."

— Chris Card


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