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Top 5 Mechanical Problems of the Subaru Outback

If you are looking for a wagon as an alternative to an SUV, the Subaru Outback is your best bet. The popular Outback is the station wagon version of the Legacy. The ride is comfortable, and it handles well.

You get decent acceleration from the standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and CVT transmission, but you should opt for the 3.6-liter six-cylinder variant if you want more power. 

Crash test results are impressive, and owners have said that the Outback is easy to drive.

The Outback is a reliable vehicle, and Subaru lovers are loyal to the brand and keep their cars for years on end. 

Despite the good reviews about the Outback, some common complaints come up as with any other ca brand.

Here are some of the widespread issues that Outback owners face, so you should read on before purchasing

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Oil Leaks and Seals Problem

Reports have come out on front engine oil leaks in the Subaru Outback due to camshaft seal failure. There are also reported failures with the crankshaft seals, which leads to oil leaks. 

Dealers would replace damaged seals, but some Outback owners shared that they had to replace the timing belt as well.

The 2000 to 2003 models of the Outback are prone to this problem, and the average mileage when issues occur is between 72,000 to 210,000 miles.

Head Gaskets and Cooling Systems

Head gaskets have given Outback owners some headaches due to failure. Cooling system problems have led to head gasket failures, and Subaru took notice. The warranty for the Outback was extended to eight years and 100,000 miles in response to this issue.

The average mileage of Outback vehicles that reported this issue was 103,401 miles, although there are reports that issues came out at 7,500 miles.

 Vibration Upon Acceleration

A common problem Subaru Outback owners encounter is vibration and shuddering with the engine. The vibrations occur upon acceleration, and the cause is believed to be a transmission torque converter failure.

Outback owners replaced the part to fix the problem. The issue comes up when your Outback hits 112,000 miles on the odometer.

Oxygen Sensor Problem

Consumer reporting data has shown problems involving sensor-related issues with the Subaru Outback. In many models, the front oxygen sensor has developed cracks that triggered the check engine light in the Outback.

Outback vehicles were recalled for sensor replacement. The 2000 to 2003 models are prone to this problem, having an average mileage of 145,000 miles when issues came up.

Windshield Cracks 

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Subaru for 2017-19 models of the Subaru Outback that were allegedly equipped with windshields that easily chip, crack and break.

Subaru refuses to pay for repairs under warranty, which left many owners paying for windshield replacements.

The lawsuit also alleges that Subaru replaces the defective windshield with the same defective windshield that will have the same problems.

The cracked windshields cause problems with the Subaru EyeSight systems, which leads to higher replacement costs for Outback owners because the system must be recalibrated when the windshields are replaced.

The EyeSight technology helps monitor traffic, optimizes cruise control, and warns drivers to stay in your lane. The system has been known to reduce the rate of rear-end crashes with injuries by up to 85%.

Should I bring My Subaru Outback to an Independent Auto Shop?

The Subaru Outback has earned high dependability ratings over the years. Many drivers still consider it an excellent buy despite the common mechanical issues it may have.

If you experience a problem with your Outback, the first question that comes to mind is, should I bring it to an independent mechanic or the dealership?

You should bring your vehicle to the dealership for warranty work so that future problems you may have under warranty will still be honored. Dealerships may deny warranty repairs because you choose an independent auto shop or try to fix your Subaru independently.

You have to be wary, though because Subaru loses money every time they repair a car under warranty, and dealerships may not prioritize warranty repairs. 

Subaru vehicles cost more than most car brands, which means that owners want a location that they can trust. An auto shop with only experienced mechanics to repair and maintain their Subaru would be ideal.

Subaru dealerships want you to think that they are the only ones qualified to take care of your vehicle, but in reality, independent shops can give the same service level.

Independent auto shops have expert technicians who have been trained exclusively to work on Subaru Outback models. They work on these cars every day, so they know the ins and outs of standard electrical and mechanical issues.

When you bring your car to the dealership, you have to deal with long queues, high-prices, and impersonal service. You can get personalized attention at an independent repair shop and even strike a conversation with your Subaru mechanic. 

You can save a chunk of money on repair and maintenance services when choosing an independent mechanic versus a dealership. Auto shops tend to have lower prices compared to dealerships, but they give the same quality service.

An independent mechanic can save you up to 20% to 25% on factory scheduled maintenance services. 

A recent AutoMD report found that consumers save around $300 a year by choosing an independent auto shop over a dealership for routine service, factory maintenance, and non-warranty repairs.

There are more independent auto shops near you than dealerships, which makes it more convenient for you regarding proximity.

Servicing your car should never be a hassle, bringing your Subaru to an independent shop offers numerous benefits and exceptional service. There is no drawback to this decision for all your servicing needs.

Once you have experienced the difference between an independent shop versus a dealership, you may not bring your Subaru Outback to a dealership again.

For stress-free Subaru auto repair and service Red Deer AB, let our team of certified technicians solve your auto-related problems. We are here to ensure the safety of Subaru owners and family members when you hit the road. When it’s time for Subaru mechanical service, make us your number one call.

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