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Free Brake Checks and Pads (or Shoes) in October by Airport Automotive Colorado Springs CO in Support of Brakes for Breasts Fundraiser

Brake Repair Colorado Springs CO

Free brake pads (or shoes) are going to be given away in October by more than 200 independent auto repair shops across the country to raise funds for the Brakes for Breasts program.  


Any car owner can have their brakes inspected for repair or replacement at a participating shop, and they can get their brake pads or shoe replacement for free if they need one.  Only the service and ancillary parts need to be paid where 10% will be donated by the auto shops to the fundraising project.  


This 10-year campaign joins together car owners, auto shops and small business owners for the good cause of rallying behind the eradication of breast cancer by supporting the development of a vaccine.


According to the American Cancer Society study in 2019, an estimated 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women and 2,670 cases for men.  Out of these, 16% of the women and 19% of the men diagnosed are expected to succumb in the same year.


Cleveland Clinic researcher Dr. Vincent Tuohy has been developing a vaccine against breast cancer. Tuohy has been working on this project for years, and the vaccine has demonstrated the ability to completely prevent breast cancer in animal studies.  The study is now on its Phase 1 clinical trials, which is testing the vaccine’s safety on humans by determining the maximum dose that does not cause severe side-effects. The results will also help determine the best way to give the vaccine.

Why Regular Brake Inspection, Repair and Replacement is Important 

We know how we rely on our brakes for driving safely.  They need to be in top shape all the time for it to work when we most need it.  Thus, regular brake inspections are recommended, and there is no best method to remember its maintenance schedule but to base it on mileage, or period of time since its last inspection, repair or replacement.  It’s also a good habit to have your brakes checked during a tire rotation or oil change.


Today’s cars operate on the car disc system where two components wear down, the brake pads and brake rotor.   They can wear down faster or slower based on four factors:  (1) driving habits or style, (2) road surface and environment, (3) brake pad hardness, and (4) materials.


It’s expected that when a driver rides on the brakes, the brake pads will thin down easily. Also, city driving requires stepping on the brakes more often on stop-and-go traffic compared to driving in the suburbs, as well as driving in mountainous and hilly terrains where stepping on the brakes helps with deceleration.  


The brake pad your mechanic will choose for you is most likely based on how you use your car.  Brake pads made from harder compounds perform better when warmed up and work well with performance vehicles or driving.  Brake pads made from softer compounds are more for city driving but can melt if you’re the type of driver who puts the pedal to the metal.  


Steel metal brake is the most popular because it is suitable for a variety of driving styles and conditions, while the more durable carbon-ceramic brakes are selectively used for high-performance sports cars as it needs to be warm to perform at its maximum.

3 Signs that Say You Need Brake Repair Services 

Visually, your auto technician or mechanic will check on the brake pad thickness.  This can be done at the same time you are having a tire rotation or wheel alignment and balancing services.  A remaining ⅛ of an inch thickness calls for replacing the brake pads.


Without bringing your car to your auto shop, hearing squeaking and metal-to-metal scraping noises while stepping on your brake pedal are signs that brake pad replacement has to be done right away.  The metal hairs at the bottom of your brake pads are starting to show that makes it hit other metal parts every time you step on the brakes.


Another sign is when you feel jittering when you apply the brakes.  The cause is usually the brake rotors, and it is easier to replace them than to have it repaired.


Regular brake checks, repairs and replacements are the keys to good safe motoring.

On our 6th Year of Free Brake Inspections and Brake Pads/Shoe Replacement every October

Airport Automotive in Colorado Springs invites all car owners to stop by for a free brake inspection this entire month of October.  Should the brake pads or shoes need replacement, it’ll be on us, while 10% of the services and ancillary parts you pay for are directly donated to the Brakes for Breasts foundation.


Be part of the Brakes for Breasts movement!  Let’s close the $1,000,000 total donation mark on our 10th year, and start working for the second!  It’s that time of the year to step on the brakes and visit us at our auto shop located at 6305 E Platte Ave STE1, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 (near Peterson Air Force Base)Grab the offer now, and see you this October!



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