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Five Tips to Keep You and Your Car Cool and Comfortable During the Summer

Five Tips to Keep You and Your Car Cool and Comfortable During the Summer
During the summertime, we have to remind ourselves to keep cool and comfortable, so we can avoid overheating and overall just any feelings of discomfort. We also have to remind ourselves to keep our vehicle’s cool and comfortable, as they are working extra hard in the summer heat and also run the risk of overheating… 

Here are five tips to keep both you and your car cool and comfortable during the summer: 

  1. Get a sunshade and window visor. This a tried-and-true method of keeping your car cool while you are away. Not only will your car stay cool, but you feel much more refreshed when you step into your vehicle that doesn’t feel like an oven. 
  2. Try covering your steering wheel with a towel. If you have ever placed your hand on a hot steering wheel and instantly regretted it, this trick is for you. 
  3. How about a solar-powered fan? This cool gadget creates constant cool air circulation to overall lower your car’s temperature. 
  4. Leave your door open for a few minutes before hopping in. This way, some air can get in, and you don’t feel like you are stepping into a hot sauna. 
  5. Most importantly, your vehicle’s cooling system needs to be performing in tip-top shape to prevent overheating. Our auto mechanics at Airport Automotive can inspect your coolant level, serpentine belt, radiator, among other components, for any signs of disarray.

To stay completely cool and comfortable this summer, bring your vehicle to our shop for an inspection. We are here to help. Schedule an appointment at Airport Automotive today. We are located at 6305 E. Platte Ave Suite 1,2, Colorado Springs, CO 80915. 

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