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Five Games for your Next Family Road Trip

Road trips are meant to be fun, but sometimes, boredom can get the best of your little ones or even older ones, including your teenage son or daughter, and you might be hearing “are we there yet” for the last three hours on your trip. The team at Airport Automotive wants you to have a road trip full of smiles and laughter, which is why we have put together five games for your next family road trip. 

  • “I Spy…”: This easy-to-learn game can keep you and your family busy for hours, as you carefully search the road and your surroundings for the object. It will keep your kids alert and focused on something else other than their boredom. 
  • Road Trip Bingo: Road trip bingo is a combination of typical bingo and a scavenger hunt. Plan ahead, think of 16 landmarks, objects on the road, certain cars, etc., put them down on a piece of paper or some cardboard, find 16 pennies, and there you go -- road trip bingo is ready to go. As your children see each object on the bingo card, they place a penny, and the first one to four in a row wins. 
  • License Plate Game: The license plate game is a classic. The first one to notice license plates from all fifty states wins! 
  • “I’m going on a picnic…”: This game is suitable for five-year-olds and up, as it involves knowing the alphabet. Beginning with “I’m going on a picnic and bringing…,” the first person lists something that begins with an A. The next person says the same thing, except lists an item that begins with a B, and so on. The first person can’t say a picnic-related item loses. 
  • 20 Questions: This game is also a classic. Have someone pick a person, place, or thing. Then, each person in the car will ask a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no. The first individual to guess correctly wins.

Before you embark on your fun-filled road trip, stop by Airport Automotive in Colorado Springs for an inspection. We will ensure your vehicle is properly serviced, so you can get on the road and enjoy these road trip games to the fullest extent. Schedule an appointment at Airport Automotive today. We are located at 6305 E. Platte Ave Suite 1,2, Colorado Springs, CO 80915. 

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