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Five Engine Noises You Need to Pay Attention To

Photo by Chad Kirchoff on Unsplash

Sometimes, our vehicle can make odd noises, and it is our job at Airport Automotive to decipher those noises, acting as a translator between you and your car. Certain sounds can spell trouble, and if you hear any of these five engine noises, don’t hesitate to contact our technicians at Airport Automotive: 

  1. You step on the brakes, and you hear squealing, scraping, or grinding. If you hear of any of these noises, there could be an issue with your brakes. Because your brakes are practically synonymous with safety, don’t waste any time contacting a team of qualified professionals. Your safety always comes first at Airport Automotive. 
  2. When your vehicle is in motion, you start to hear a thumping noise. A thumping noise can indicate numerous problems, such as a tire that is coming apart, braking issues, or a broken CV axle. 
  3. A hissing or sizzling noise originating from your engine that may or may not is accompanied by smoke. This sound is likely due to engine fluids leaking into boiling exhaust parts in your engine. 
  4. When you accelerate, you hear a knocking noise. If you hear this noise, your vehicle needs immediate attention, as it could indicate a problem failing belt tensioners or another problem within your engine. 
  5. Do you hear rattling from under your engine compartment that just doesn’t quit? If your answer is yes, then turn to the team at Airport Automotive, and we can assess the situation. 

Because your safety means everything to us, don’t wait to contact us at Airport Automotive if you hear any of the sounds listed above. Our technicians are trained to identify the underlying cause of these sounds and decide on an appropriate course of action best for you, your vehicle, and your budget. We are here to help. Schedule an appointment at Airport Automotive today. We are located at 6305 E. Platte Ave Suite 1,2, Colorado Springs, CO 80915. 

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