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Cars are Containers for Life: If Your Vehicle Could Talk, What Would it Say?

Imagine if your car could talk. What do you think it would say? Would it be thanking you for taking such good care of it, or would it be wondering when it’s next checkup with the auto technicians at Airport Automotive? You and your trusty and reliable sidekick have shared plenty of bonding moments throughout the miles and months, and we think if your car could talk, it would say these 5 things:


  1. “I’m thirsty!” Your car runs on a lot of fluids, from gasoline to radiator fluid. Unfortunately, it is quite common for drivers to let their fluid levels get dangerously low. For this reason, your car may sound the warning bells about dehydration.


  1. “Ouch, my feet hurt!” When you get slam on your brakes, you can’t help but get jolted. Imagine what your vehicle feels. Be alert and give yourself plenty of space between the cars and objects ahead of you so you don’t have to slam on those brakes.


  1. “Just one more minute of sleep, please!” This may sound like your teenager in the mornings, but your car may actually feeling the morning drag too. Give your car a minute to warm up after you put the key into the ignition. You can think of your car as an alarm, and you acting as the snooze button, giving your vehicle time to wake up.


  1. “Stranger danger!” Your car may not like being parked too close to other vehicles. Stranger danger for your vehicle could involve door dings, scrapes, you name it. Keep a healthy distance between you and other cars.


  1. “I’m doing my best!” Day in and day out, you rely on your vehicle to get you wherever you need to be, both safely and securely. From getting you to that morning meeting to picking up your child from school, your car does it’s best, and we are forever grateful.


Unfortunately, your car doesn’t talk, which it means it can be a struggle to figure out what your car needs and when. Fortunately, our team at Airport Automotive in Colorado Springs is here to act as your car translator, troubleshooting the “what, why, and how” and explaining to you what exactly is going on. Schedule an appointment today. We are located at 6305 E. Platte Ave Suite 1,2, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.

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