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I Am A New Car Salesman's Worst Enemy

I Am A New Car Salesman's Worst Enemy

I Am A New Car Salesman's Worst Enemy We live in a day and age of recycling everything, re-purposing old products and making them new again. For a large portion of the motoring population, the automobile is the second largest purchase they will make in their lifetime…………….. But, it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be every 5 or six years like the new car dealers would like it. I hear all the time from people when presented with an estimate for a repair, "ah, that car isn't worth that much." I have news for you. Neither is the new vehicle you’re going to buy. It’s going to depreciate 20% the first year, and 15% each year after that. So I want to make a case for driving your current 10-year-old vehicle another 5 years. I will give two examples. Both examples are similar. Bob and Mary own their home, have two vehicles and an annual household income of $100,000. Jim and Kathy also own their own home, have two ve ... read more

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Car-Lovers in Your Life

It seems that it was only yesterday when we are shopping for Christmas gifts. Time certainly flies, as Valentine’s Day is almost here. However, the team at Airport Automotive is here to help you come up with some gift ideas for your loved ones, especially if they are fanatics about cars. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for the car-lovers in your life: Magnetic Mounts for an iPhoneComplete Car Care Kit ... read more

New Year’s Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier Car

Eat healthily, exercise well, go on more road trips are just a few of the more common New Year’s resolutions, but what about some goals for our car? We rely on our car so much, and without our trusty sidekick, we would find ourselves struggling to get to work in the morning or pick up your daughter from school. So why not this year, we include some resolutions for a happier, healthier car?   Keep an eye on the car’s fluids. Some fluids in your vehicle, such as the oil, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid, will need to be changed at certain intervals. If you can keep up with these fluid changes, you are well on your way to maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. Inspect the vehicle’s tires and wheels frequently. If your tires feel wobbly or are vibrating, don’t hesitate to bring your car into our shop for a quick look to avoid an expensive and possibly even dangerous problem. Bring the car in for preventative maintenance! Bringing your veh ... read more

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