Car Air Conditioning Recharging

Why Your Car Air Conditioning Needs Recharging

As the summer season approaches, the last thing you want to be is without a working air conditioner.
You don’t need to be told that Colorado can get very toasty in the summer months. When you live in a state where temperatures can soar, you tend to be caught up on your car air conditioning.

You may have scheduled an appointment for your HVAC guy to come to your house, but your home isn’t the only place that needs to be checked for proper cooling.

Car Air Conditioning

The Importance of Car Air Conditioning

You may be concerned about your next oil change or tire rotation, but your car air conditioning needs attention too.
Sometimes it can take awhile to notice that your car air conditioning is having issues.
It’s possible that you could go start up your car one morning and notice that the AC is blowing out hot air, but it’s far more common to notice a gradual decrease in the amount of cold air being blown out.
When you first notice a decrease in coolness, you may be tempted to grab some refrigerant, but that may not solve the problem.
The fix you may need is simple, but it isn’t widely known.
You may not need more refrigerant, but your car’s AC unit could use a charge.

A different Kind of Cooling

Your car AC unit is very different from the equipment that cools your home. It needs refrigerant to operate, but sometimes a car air conditioner that’s running low won’t operate differently.
If your car air conditioning is underperforming, it may need to be recharged.
A lot of people don’t know that car AC units need to be recharged because recharging isn’t a part of routine or annual car maintenance.

There’s no set schedule for charging, and some people may never have their unit recharged during the time they use their car.

It takes a lot of power to run a car AC, and after years of use, it could start to need some extra help.
If there’s a refrigerant leak somewhere in the car, the AC system has to work harder to keep things cool. Eventually, it won’t be able to keep up and will end up drained of its power.

Car AC System
Car AC Service and Maintenance

What to Expect

If you start to notice that your car AC isn’t as powerful as it used to be, it’s time to bring it in to be serviced.
One of the first things a mechanic will do is check the refrigerant levels, your compressor, and you fan. They’ll want to rule other things out before they check the charge of the AC unit.
If they find that the unit has low power, they’ll hook it up to a special device to charge it up again. They may choose to install thermometers in the vents to monitor temperature to make sure that it stays consistent and cold.

Should I have my car air conditioning looked at?

If you’re asking yourself that question, the answer is probably yes. If you don’t feel like the air is cool enough, there’s an issue.
If you want to get your AC serviced, make an appointment with us today. Airport Automotive is here to help!

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