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You love your Japanese car!

For a great drive, reliability, and overall value, a Japanese import just can’t be beat.

One of the reasons Japanese cars hold such great resale value is they are relatively easy to maintain. You can focus on driving, and enjoy the ride, with a Japanese car.

But car owners need to do their part. If you take care of your car it will take care of you. You need to make sure you get the required preventive maintenance.

Avoid the Hassle

Unfortunately, many car owners don’t want the hassle and expense of a visit to their dealer. We can help. You don’t need a dealer to get the best service. We can explain the preventive maintenance you really need to keep your Japanese car running in top shape while retaining its value.

Here we go:

Don’t Wait

Before we focus on planned maintenance make sure you are also handling any issues when they arise. If a light on your dash comes on, a tire seems flat, or you are having any issues with operating your vehicle, don’t wait to check it out.

Planned maintenance will save time and money. But some issues can’t wait.

That said, if you keep up with your scheduled maintenance there will be fewer needed repairs and fewer surprises.

Preventive Maintenance Needs

Every make and model are different. You will want to open and study your owner’s manual for the specific needs of your car.

Here are some rule-of-thumb vehicle mile-markers that, when followed, will save you lots of time and money:

Every 3,000 Miles:

  • Oil Change and Air Filter
  • Check Transmission Fluid
  • Check Hoses, Belts, and Fluids
  • Inspect Tire Inflation and Condition of Wear
  • Wiper Fluid

Every 6,000 Miles:

  • Battery Condition and Cables
  • Belts
  • Exhaust System
  • Power Steering
  • Lubrication of Chassis
  • Lights

Every 12,000 Miles:

  • Cabin Air Filter
  • Heating and Cooling System
  • Engine Cooling
  • Alignment
  • Wiper Blades
  • Brakes and Braking System

A simple investment in the preventive tasks your car requires will save money down the road. You will be less likely to require expensive and unexpected repairs down the road.

You will also be saving on the expense of a new car.


Do you remember when hitting 100,000 miles meant ditching your ride for a new one? Those days are long gone if you properly maintain your car.

You can drive far past that mark. Or you can trade in with the assurance you’ll be getting top dollar.

It helps to have an expert service team behind you every step of the way.

Trust The Experts

For Japanese car owners who want to retain the full value of their car without the expense and hassle of visiting the dealer, we can help.

You need a reliable technician who has a great reputation for working on your brand of vehicle. Located in the Colorado Springs area, Airport Automotive offers our clients respect, great service, and an incredible value.

Keep your car safe and running right. Don’t wait another day!

Contact Airport Automotive and schedule your next preventive maintenance appointment now with our easy to use online form.

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