Quality Acura Maintenance

Acura Maintenance

Acuras are the ideal cars for the Acura lovers. They provide luxury and comfort and are great to drive.

With redesigned sedans and SUVs, Acuras are beautiful to look at and hold their value with proper maintenance.

Acura maintenance is easy to get done if you know the important things to schedule and look for.
If you own one of these beautiful cars and want your Acura maintenance to be top-notch, we can help.
Here are 10 tips for quality maintenance for your Acura. Let’s go:

Oil Change

1. Acura Maintenance Starts With Knowledge

Know your owner’s manual. There’s no better source of information about the upkeep and maintenance of your Acura.

Every care is different. Your manual will give you great direction.
It will also let you know what types of fluids your car needs to run optimally. Make sure when performing Acura maintenance you know which oil to use for optimal performance.

2. Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

Your engine needs to have the oil changed every 3,000 – 5,000 miles. Even more often if it sits a lot or you seldom run your Acura during certain months of the year.

Your engine oil is very important and it’s the lifeblood of your car. Change it regularly and you are doing a lot to improve performance, increase engine life, and preserve the value of your car.

3. Change the Oil Filter Too

Do you want that oil filter changed? Yes.
Changing your oil filter often means keeping your engine clean.

4. Keep an Eye on Air Pressure

Know those busted tires you see littering the highways in the summer? You want to avoid that.
Big shifts in temperature mean big shifts in tire pressure. Check your tire pressure regularly and make adjustments as needed.
Your gas mileage and overall performance will thank you for it.

5. Keep It Beautiful

Regularly washing and waxing your car keeps it beautiful. It also gets the sand and salt off the undercarriage and chassis.
Acura maintenance means keeping up with the paint and heading off the rust.

Engine oil filter
Wiper Parts

6. Can You See?

If you aren’t changing your wiper blades every so often you are bound to be squinting through streaks.
Your wipers can take a beating in the winter months in Colorado. Keep them fresh.

7. Stay Updated

Your car could have recalls that you aren’t aware of. Checking with the Acura website every so often to make sure there aren’t any that affect your car will keep it running right.

8. Stop on a Dime

The worst situation in which to find that your brakes aren’t working is when you’re trying to stop. Make sure your Acura is getting regular brake maintenance to stay safe on the road.

9. Check Your Fluids

Keeping an eye on your Acura’s fluids is easy. Periodically check oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid.
You’ll avoid surprises.
And the experts can help you every step of the way.

10. Trust the Experts

The best way to get quality Acura service is by trusting the experts.
You need a reliable technician who has a great reputation for working on Acuras.
Located in the Colorado Springs area, Airport Automotive offers our clients respect, great service, and an incredible value. We have extensive experience with maintaining Acuras.
Airport Automotive customers love us because we offer great service and keep their cars in tip-top shape.
Don’t wait another day to get the right service for your Acura.
Contact Airport Automotive and schedule your next Acura maintenance appointment now with our easy to use online form.

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