Are you the proud owner of an Acura but your performance isn’t what it used to be? Here are 5 signs you need Acura service immediately.

We love Acuras because they offer great luxury at an affordable price. Anyone who owns an Acura knows that they drive smooth and feel great to get around in.

Plus, Acura service is usually easy, inexpensive, and low-stress. The cars keep up great and have good value when trade-in time comes.

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But as with all cars, the unexpected can happen. If you have a warning light or a strange sound coming from your Acura what do you do?

Confused on whether you need a visit to a trusted service center? We can help.
There are some signs your Acura needs service immediately that you should never ignore.
First, you need to understand what your car is trying to tell you. We can help.
Here goes:

Acura Service Starts With Research

Your best source of information is always the owner’s manual. Issues can vary between different car types and models.

Understanding the signals your car is trying to tell you can save you major expense. Unfortunately, some issues can do major damage if they go on too long.

Your car’s first line of defense is the dashboard warning lights.

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Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

Not all dashboard lights are created equal. You see your seatbelt light and even indicators for airbags and fuel levels.

But your check engine light means there could be trouble. You may not be in immediate danger personally, but your engine and car could be.

A check engine light means you need Acura service. The reasons could range from emissions issues to spark plugs and wires.

Don’t wait for your next preventative maintenance appointment. Get the light checked right away.

What’s That Noise?

Are you hearing strange noises from your car? If there is a whining, squealing, or grinding sound in your car get assistance fast.

Your car is screaming out for help!

You could have broken parts in your engine, a hole in your exhaust, or a problem with the brakes.
During idling and operation if you hear a strange sound it’s a big warning.

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